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This Real Conversational Hypnosis Course Is For You If...

  • You are a successful coach, hypnotist, or hypnotherapist but feel stuck when it comes to difficult clients

  • You feel overwhelmed because you've been paid to help your clients but the results aren't arriving

  • You lack the confidence you had because a few challenging clients wrecked your self-esteem

  • You are searching for that "secret sauce" that will transform your skills from "Oh-No" into "Whoa!"

  • You want an experienced mentor who can guide you toward an easier path to help your clients

  • You're ready to get out of your own head and into the flow with your clients

  • You understand how to do hypnosis, and now want to know how to really do it conversationally

The 8-Week Schedule & Beyond

  • Week 1: An Introduction to Loops and Foundational Hypnosis Building Blocks Part 1

  • Week 2: Foundational Hypnosis Building Blocks Part 2, ILPs, and the First Principles of Enter the Loop

  • Week 3: Principles of Enter the Loop, Conversationally Entering the Loop Part 1, and the LAFOR model

  • Week 4: Conversationally Entering the Loop Part 2, SUDS, and a New Approach to Doing Sessions

  • Week 5: Entering Your Own Loop & Becoming Aware of Space

  • Week 6: Patterns, Themes, and Spatial Trance Indicators

  • Week 7: The Many Methods of Spatial Changework

  • Week 8: A Focus on 2 Spatial Changework Methods

  • Week 9 & Beyond: Constant updates to the course with Q&A's, deep dive conversations, and LIVE demonstrations of how easy it is to Enter the Loop.

I've Learned From the Best

Canadian Specific Celebrities Mike Mandel & Chris Thompson

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

"Timothy September is very good at calibrating people and asking questions that unpack what's really going on ... he's really skilled at teaching this as well."

Chris Thompson

"He's really good at it because he works intuitively and he has solid building blocks. He gets results often in just minutes. If you have the chance to train with Timothy September - DO IT because your skills will go through the roof!"

Mike Mandel

What You Get

  • 8+ Weeks of online training and course material

  • Practice activities so you get good at this stuff

  • A deeper understanding of how to use hypnosis principles during everyday conversation

  • A private community to ask questions, gain insight, and continue your self growth

  • Homework and challenges to push you to grow

  • Lifetime access to each week's recordings with continual updates to the course

What's Required to Join

Be Willingly Curious

When it comes to learning something new, one of the best ways to remember and understand the material is to be curious. As long as you are willing to be curious throughout this training, you'll be amazed at how simple and effective Enter the Loop training is.

Basic Hypnosis Training

Learning how to Enter the Loop with your clients requires a basic understanding of how hypnosis works. This includes understanding basic principles (like attention fixaction and fractionation). You must be familiar with most basic terms of hypnosis (catalepsy, unconscious mind, etc).

Technological Basics

I'm not asking you to know how to build a rocket to go to Mars. Because the Enter the Loop training is done online, you'll need to understand the basics of how to use a web browser, Zoom, and how to navigate the internet and email. You also MUST have a working video camera and microphone.

A Quiet Place & Firm Commitment

The practice activities and training lessons require you to talk and be heard. Minimizing distractions is essential to get the most from this training. If you can dedicate just a few hours a week, you can learn to Enter the Loop.

"If you have the opportunity to train with Timothy, jump at it because the content he shares with you is new and nothing short of exceptional."

World-Renowned Hypnotherapy Trainer Ryan M. Montis

What to expect

Week 1

You'll get a quick refresher of some important hypnosis principles, learn where Enter the Loop came from, and begin immediately practicing important foundational elements that will skyrocket your progress. During Week 1, you'll discover just how the unconscious mind has been communicating with you this whole time and how to notice it.

Week 2

The motivation and momentum continues as you start to learn how the unconscious mind communicates with you conversationally. During Week 2, you'll learn the secret to knowing what the unconscious mind is saying by knowing what words and phrases to listen for. These important listening points are the hidden secret to understanding even the most difficult clients on a deep unconscious level.

Week 3

Now that you have a basic understanding of the core principles and ideals on what Entering the Loop is all about, Week 3 is where you'll start using a simple process called LAFOR to immediately get your client's unconscious mind to hear you and respond. Once you learn and start to use this new way of asking questions, you'll soon discover it's the difference that really makes the difference.

Week 4

By this time, you'll be well on your way to helping practically anybody with something called an "everyday problem". Everything from procrastination, to general stress, you'll be able to help them! Best of all you can do it by simply Entering the Loop with them and asking the right questions.

Week 5

As you move into Week 5, you'll start becoming aware of your own Loops. You'll discover the little known secret of the unconscious mind and the body when it comes to communication. As you discover your own Loops and work through them in this lesson, you'll gain new insight into how your inner world operates. This means you'll also understand your clients and what they experience when you Enter the Loop with them.

Week 6

Now that you are more aware of your own inner world and Loops, you'll unlock a new aspect of changework and calibration in Week 6. Patterns, Themes, and what to calibrate spatially are the next realm of mastery for you during this week. You'll discover how people use the space around them, what to look for, and how the unconscious mind uses patterns and themes to communicate with you as you Enter the Loop.

Week 7

During Week 7, you'll unearth all the ways you are probably already using the space to do changework with your clients. You'll develop a new understanding of how the mind, body, and space around you are used to create new neural pathways under the surface. You'll learn methods, techniques, and the various therapies involved in spatial change while you Enter the Loop with your clients conversationally.

Week 8

With your new awareness of all the methods of spatial change, this week is a tight focus on two specific methods. By using the space intentionally with your client, you'll help them recognize new unconscious resources and insights. By honing your skills with these two methods, you'll be well on your way to naturally working with your clients conversationally, using the space around them for powerful breakthroughs.

Student Successes


Timothy September

About Timothy September

I've been known as a jack-of-all trades when it comes to personal development and people-helping. As a coach and mentor to those from of all walks of life, I've successfully helped hundreds of people overcome the overwhelm, find a sense of peace, and discover meaning in their life and business.

I learned how to get out of my own way using my unconscious mind. I studied Yoga, meditation, life coaching, personal development, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, breathing techniques, and
unconscious writing. I also became board certified from both American and International accredited boards in hypnosis and coaching.

I started taking clients, helping friends and family, and transformed my life, both in my private and business lives. Best of all, after close to a decade, I now find myself working side-by-side with the worlds top hypnosis and personal development training company, Mike Mandel Hypnosis.

I'm also the Co-Founder of Pykthos, a company Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel of Mike Mandel Hypnosis and I started; where we help people-helpers like coaches, hypnotists, and therapists, build their companies from the ground up using the latest tools, templates, and training.

I'm Head of Coaching and Co-Teach Foundations LIVE through the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

I've given motivational presentations in front of classes and volunteered for the Youth of the Year through the Boys & Girls Club.

I've been featured several times on the news.

I'm friends with other hypnosis and personal development trainers, like Ryan Montis!

Hypnothoughts Live 2023 Presenter.

Chris Thompson, Jonathan Nhan, and I at Hypnothoughts 2023

Enter the Loop was debuted at Hypnothoughts

How to ask questions and get better results, another presentation at Hypnothoughts.

Another segment with me on the local news.

Our 2022 HypnoThoughts Bowling Team, featuring Chris Thompson, Michael C Anthony, Melissa Tiers, Mike Mandel, and me!

I help teach every-so-often during the Architecture of Hypnosis, hosted by the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

My best friends and mentors, Mike Mandel, and Chris Thompson.

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